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We are Dog Friendly

We welcome your dogs in all of our properties, but we want our dog-free visitors to be able to enjoy our properties too! So, we do ask;

  • Up to two dogs per unit-$25 per pet nonrefundable cleaning fee

  • They will need their own bed-They may not be on beds or furniture​

  • Keep in mind the grounds are riverfront, meaning sandy and wet.

  • They should be leashed whenever they are outside (there is a road very close!)

  • ​You should clean up their business activities and dispose of it properly

  • THEY MAY NOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED unless they are crated. If they loudly lament this leaving-we will ask you to return to tend to them


  • Pets are required to be UTD on all shots and have flea/tick protection. (They are likely to encounter many more insects when visiting mountains than they are accustomed to in their daily lives)

  • We reserve the right to make your pet find other accommodations if he or she at any time disturbs our other guests. No refunds will be granted to early departures due to problem pets. (Not that we have had a single problem with a pet guest!)

  • Also, please be aware the river has gifted the area its gifts for literally millions of years-there should be care taken when your dogs are sniffing around. Sometimes the rivers gifts aren't so good:(

  • You must indicate you are bringing your dog. This lets our cleaning crew know that the unit will need extra time after you depart. If there is evidence of furry guests, but they were not on your reservation confirmation, there may be an additional charge.


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