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 Policies at Camp Driftwood Asheville

We love sharing our little riverside oasis with guests and we know that more information makes for better experiences for everyone. Please read the Policies thoroughly, so that you may be well informed for your visit.


We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking your reservation- if your dates are at least 14 (7 days for camping) days in the future. If your dates are within 14 days (7 days for camping), 100% is due when making your reservation. 

The second 50% due will be charged automatically 14 days prior to arrival. 

We accept debit cards with no fee. We accept credit cards with a 3.0% fee. We can also accept Venmo or Paypal, if needed. On the reservation form choose Other Payment method and in the notes section just let us know that you would like Venmo or PayPal address.


Reservations may be canceled up to 14 (7 for tent camping) days prior to arrival, you will receive a refund of 100% of the deposit - there will be a $35 cancellation fee assessed for any canceled reservation.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please send an email requesting a cancellation. We will send you an email confirming the cancellation. If you do not receive an email, we did not receive your cancellation and will not be able to provide a refund. 


Reservations canceled less than 14 (7 for tent camping) days prior to arrival, will receive no refund. (rainchecks may be possible). 

Security Deposits

We do security deposits via a hold on your card (if using a credit card-the fee incurred will also be returned).  The hold will be automatically assessed prior to arrival and released after departure, provided the unit is not damaged and trash is handled properly. It is the guests’ responsibility to ensure funds are available. Reservation is subject to cancellation if deposit is not paid prior to arrival. **you will get details about this during the reservation process.


Camping is an outdoor experience and refunds will not be given due to unfavorable weather.  This rule does not apply if evacuations are state mandated. 


There are no refunds for early departure/late arrivals, including “no show” reservations. 

There are no refunds because you got lost or could not find your unit, you will receive very details directions and check-in information. You should print/screenshot prior to departure-cell reception in the mountains can be wonky!


  • Check-in time for Tent sites is 2:00 pm-8:00 pm. No Early or LATE Arrivals Please! **you may return to the camp after 8:00, but please plan to be set up before 8:00 pm!

  • Check-out time is 12:00 am for tent sites. **An additional charge of $10.00 per hour will be assessed for late departures with a minimum one-hour charge.

  • Cottages-Check-in time for Glamping Cottages is 3:00 pm/ Check out is 12:00 pm


  • Vacation Houses-Check-in time for Vacation Houses is 4:00 pm/ Check out is 11:00 am


**Please, please, please do not arrive early 'just to see if it is ready'. It gives us and our housekeeping team anxiety and it's really distracting. Unless you have made prior arrangements, check in time- is check in time. 


Most of the reservation process is facilitated via email and email is the best way to ask questions prior to booking. We normally check email in the morning and evening, so it may be a minute before we get back to you, but we will! After you book your reservation we will send Directions, Check-in Information, and other details for your visit by email. You will be provided with the Camp Manager's phone number as well.  However, cell reception can be spotty and we are frequently working with our hands, so we do our best to get most communication handled via email. 



Bathhouse and Camp Facilities

We offer primitive tent camping. Meaning there is no electricity or running water in the tent site area. We provide several, well-maintained potty potties throughout the campground. 


We offer glamping cottages. Meaning there is no running water in these units. Bath towels and bath mats are provided for guests in these units. Bath linen is not to be used for outdoor purposes. 


We have a single-service bathhouse in the middle of the property. Meaning there is a bathhouse with one toilet, one sink, and one shower stall. There is a closing door between the shower/toilet area, but unless you are really good friends-it is pretty much one at a time. The bathhouse has an on-demand water heater, so there is no waiting for a water heater to fill back up between showers.


There is a maximum number of vehicles noted for each site/rental. When booking your campsite/rental, please pay close attention to the details so that you are aware of its parking capacity.

**We do have a small overflow/visitor parking lot. If you are bringing a utility trailer, tow dolly, or a vehicle larger than your reserved area can accommodate-you will be required to park/ drop the trailer in that lot. There is a $10 fee for extra vehicles or trailers in the overflow lot. The overflow lot is a short walk away from tent sites and is not monitored.


Camp Driftwood is NOT child friendly. We have no playgrounds or hopscotch, and nothing, like seriously NOTHING is childproofed. Please consider this when deciding to bring children. We actually do not allow any children under 12 without express written(email) consent from management. Children from 12-18  must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Guests are liable for any damages caused by children that are not supervised and Camp Driftwood is not responsible for any children.  All children under the age of 18 must return to their site by 10:00 pm.


Dogs-we love em! And we welcome them, with some understanding.

  • Up to two dogs per unit-$25 per pet non-refundable pet fee ($10 for campsites) 

  • They will need their own bed-They may not be on beds or furniture​

  • They should be leashed whenever they are outside (there is a road and a river very close!)

  • ​You should clean up their business activities and dispose of it properly

  • THEY MAY NOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED in rentals unless they are crated. If they loudly lament this leaving-we will ask you to return to tend to them


  • Pets are required to be UTD on all shots and have flea/tick protection. (They are likely to encounter many more insects when visiting mountains than they are accustomed to in their daily lives)

  • We reserve the right to make your pet find other accommodations if he or she at any time disturbs our other guests. No refunds will be granted to early departures due to problem pets. (Not that we have had a single problem with a pet guest!)



Fires are allowed in designated fire rings only and must not be left unattended. Do not move the fire rings.  DO NOT burn plastic, glass, or garbage. Do not burn logs that are larger than the fire ring. Fires must be extinguished before leaving for the day and before final checkout.


Please keep your trash contained! DO NOT leave your trash out overnight. There are large cans for trash and recycling located near Whitewater Chalet. The cans have attached lids and are behind a gate, please make sure lids are down and the gate is closed after disposing of your garbage. If management must clean up your site, your security deposit will be forfeited.



Swim, boat, tube, and wade, at your own risk. Water shoes are recommended. Be wary of debris and glass and fishing hooks! River depth and speed can fluctuate very quickly, even if it is not raining at the Campground. If you suddenly notice the water turning muddy and water volume increasing, exit the river immediately as this is a sign that flash flooding is about to occur. Life jackets are strongly recommended for all ages when swimming or tubing in the river. Children under 18 must be supervised by an adult.

Camp Driftwood allows access to recreational and water activities, including but not limited to fishing, walking, wadding, and swimming. We are located directly adjacent to rapidly moving water and offer NO LIFEGUARD OR SAFETY MEASURES. There are no barriers at any point to prohibit entry to the water, either physical or implied. Guest fully understands and acknowledges that outdoor recreation and water activities have inherent risks, dangers, and hazards.  Participation in such activities and/or use of equipment may result in injury or illness including but not limited to bodily injury, disease, strains, fractures, partial and/or total paralysis, death, or other ailments that could cause serious disability. 


Guest acknowledges this property is riverside and directly downstream from a peopled area. Guest understands the river frequently deposits items, some of which might be harmful to humans and/or animals, along its banks. Guest agrees to use care when occupying any/all area(s) of the property so as to be aware of any potentially harmful issues. 




Alcohol is allowed on the property. The legal drinking age in North Carolina is 21 years old.  No glass bottles are allowed at the beach or in common areas. 


Please dispose of cigarette butts in a proper receptacle. Do not leave cigarette butts on the ground or toss in unlit fire pits. There is NO SMOKING allowed in any rental unit. If you smoke inside, you will be charged a $100 fee.



  • Generators 

  • Fireworks

  • ATV’s

  • RV, trailer, or bus 

  • Illegal drug use

Items of Special Note
Camp Driftwood is a passive campground. Meaning we do not offer; a full-time camp host, a camp store/office, a playground, or any organized activities. This is a rustic retreat and it is a great place for adults to come, kick back, and enjoy the river and the surrounding area. 
We are often onsite, but the camp encompasses 1/3 of a mile of river frontage and we can be hard to find. The Camp Manager's phone number will be provided in the directions/check-in information email and you are welcome to reach out should you need it while you are here.
However, it is the mountains and we are frequently in/out of reception and/or got our hands in the dirt:) Emergencies should be directed to 911 or the buncombe county sheriffs office non-emergency line at (828) 250-6670
Google maps will get you close, BUT YOU SHOULD NOT RELY ON MAPS TO GET to your specific rental. Please please please..Please- PRINT OR SCREENSHOT THE SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS WE SEND TO GET TO YOUR UNIT.
Printing/screenshotting these directions is necessary as cell reception is sketchy coming down into the river valley and most carriers lose reception for at least part of the drive.
Past issues arising from guests not having this information readily accessible has caused the need to say--There are no refunds if you get lost/can not find your unit/can not access your unit. Trust us, just follow the directions we send! It is definitely worth it, you don't want to miss a minute of your rivertime!                                                                                                                                                 
 Thank you-we are excited to Welcome You!                                                                            
                  The Camp Driftwood Asheville Crew
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